What the Bleep IS The Secret!

"The Secret" is a film which came on the heels of the acclaimed "What the Bleep Do We Know Anyway?" movie and deals with practical applications of the "Law of Attraction" (thought manifestation). I feel these two movies complement each other well in that one lays the foundation for the other. The two also indicate the growing acceptance in our culture of our own expanded potential. In this article, well look closer at these aspects of the phenomenon and explore directions it can go.

The Secret movie consists of a series of interviews with several notable wealth building coaches, transformation specialists and Spiritual messengers who, with the aid of visual and cinematic dramatizations tell the story of the law of attraction.

Hold a vision with unwavering belief in it's achievement and count on the vision materializing in the world.

Yes, the notion of thought manifestation expounded in the Secret is an old one. Handed down through the eons (for those with eyes "to see"), the doctrine of thoughts becoming things has always had a following. But until the advent of quantum physics, this doctrine has only had the evidence of belief and observation (of those with whom it has proved successful).

"What the Bleep do we know " recently dramatized the role quantum mechanics plays in our interaction with and perception of the world and seems a perfect match for a doctrine in need of a scientific explanation (The Secret). Blending documentary interviews and a fictional narrative connecting science and spirituality, "What the Bleep" quickly became a cinematic phenomenon primarily through word of mouth recommendation. Loads of computer animated graphics punctuate this mind bending exploration which did a fine job of bring to the visual medium what mathematicians themselves had a hard time wrapping their minds around... the sub-atomic realm.

With the embrace of The Secret by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and You Tube, modern society seems to be at the brink of full acceptance of the idea that humans have an influence on the stuff of existence. The way these movies burst into our cultural awareness indicates a hunger for meaning and a desire for a connection with that which is greater than ourselves. The Secret is the stuff of Higher Self Improvement Pursuits.