Stress Management

Tips for Getting a Handle on Your Life

Part of stress management is paying attention. Investing your life with attention reveals to us our hidden potential.

Plenty of life's situations aren't as urgent as our "knee-jerk" reactions would indicate.

4 quick stress management tips could prove handy:

1. Nightly recap of your day (with pen and paper)
2. Dream work
3. Prioritizing your day each morning
4. Scheduled relaxation and/or meditation at least twice throughout the day.

The nightly recapping of the day's activity, when practiced over time will naturally, effortlessly lead to paying attention to the occurrences and encounters of the day... as they occur.

Dream work will lead to lucid dreaming and being conscious of dreaming while dreaming. This makes for some of life's grandest adventures. Indulge flights of fancy or query depths of the psyche with which we usually aren't "consciously" in communication.

Morning prioritizing, when regularly practiced will lead to prioritizing "on the fly", letting go of, or delegating that which isn't of highest import.

Taking time out during the day for a relaxation or meditation break beats the heck out of coffee breaks or water cooler "bull" sessions.

Remember, stress is biologically beneficial, but the mind simply can't discriminate between actual and imagined threats (or what we imagine to be actual!)

Stress is sometime used interchangeably with "emphasis". Thus conscious use of stress helps us achieve. This is why we speak of stress management and not stress alleviation.

A Program of Stress Management Includes A Program for Stress Relief.