Smoking Addiction

Wrecks Your Self Esteem

Smoking addiction not only wrecks your health, it can also play on your self esteem.

When I'd return to the office after taking a smoke (of course we had to stop smoking inside public buildings), the fumes would linger, inciting colleagues to comment on what a bad habit it was.

Sometimes the mere look on the face of another as they say "I didn't know you smoked" could be aggravating.

These self esteem factors contributed to my desire to quite. But I was more annoyed by the responses of others.

In fact, I may have used these as my excuse to avoid quiting. How about you?

There are excellent programs to quit smoking using hypnosis, meditation and yoga ... and these really work. But we are an addicted culture.

Of all types of Addictions in the world, it is addiction to nicotine that proves to be one of the hardest to break.

Smoking Addiction as Cultural Phenomenon
A smoking culture existed on this continent (U.S.) long before the arrival of the pilgrims. Tobacco was used medicinally and as peace offerings by native Americans (peace pipe).

This country's slave trade began on account of tobacco (cotton was a latter "development"). And here we are in 2005 still enslaved by tobacco and its by-product nicotine. Our modern smoking addiction is really a nicotine addiction. Cigarettes are simply a nicotine delivery device.

Many smokers are addicted or "hooked" on the nicotine in tobacco. When addicted smokers stop smoking, many go through a withdrawal period. They may have both physical symptoms (feeling tired and irritable; headaches; nervousness) and an emotional need for a cigarette. One ex-smoker compared his continued craving for cigarettes to the longing you feel for a lost love.

It isn't easy to get over the smoking addiction, but many people have succeeded; often on a second or third try. But once you're back in control, you won't have to beat smoking again. For many ex-smokers, that's a powerful motivation to stay tobacco-free. The tips below include ideas to help addicted smokers make it through withdrawal and stay away from cigarettes for good.

Tips To Help You Break Your Smoking Addiction

Along with hypnosis , ask your doctor about using a nicotine patch or nicotine gum to help you avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Smoke more than you want to for a day or two before you quit. This "overkill" may spoil your taste for cigarettes.

Go "cold turkey." Tapering off probably won't work for you, because the moment you put out one cigarette you begin to crave the next.

Tell family and friends you've quit smoking. Ask for help if you need it. Keep away from cigarettes completely. Get rid of ashtrays. Destroy any cigarettes you have. Try to avoid people who smoke and smoke-filled places like bars if you're having withdrawal symptoms or cigarette cravings.

Think of yourself as a non-smoker. Hang up "No Smoking" signs. Don't relive your days as a smoker.

Remember that physical withdrawal symptoms from a smoking addiction last about two weeks. Hang on!

Smoking Addiction, Though Legal is Still Drug Addiction.

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