Easy Relaxation Techniques For Stress

Practicing a relaxation technique is a statement to your body that you feel safe and secure in the world. The body can then switch off the adrenaline, saving you enormous amounts of energy and wear and tear on your body. The body can then refocus energy on repair and regeneration.

By practicing some sort of relaxation technique on a daily basis you gain conscious control over the adrenaline cycle and switch it off at will. You are able to carry the feelings of relaxation into every aspect of your day... the feelings of being in control, a clear head and a happy heart.

Miraculous Relaxation!

A good muscle massage by a good professional masseuse is a very effective way to release a lot of stress quickly.

Relaxation of muscular tension allows the body to run at a more efficient level. The study of yogis with supermemory, instant calculators and people in general who display supernormal ability reveal that during the moments of their astonishing feats, their bodies were in a state of rest and their brain waves were in a relaxed alpha rhythm.

More than mere relaxation, we seek a state of restful alertness, or relaxed concentration. In this state, we not only free the body of tension but also take a step toward setting up a communication link with the subconscious mind. Once you've set up this awareness link, you can erase tension at will. An asset in every area of life.

A paradox of our modern world is that while profoundly relaxed, people can't concentrate intently; and without concentration, learning, memory and self improvement in general are poor. But then, as soon as people concentrate intently, relaxation disappears and stress returns. Slowing the heartbeat and brainwaves while maintaining mental alertness is our objective.

Tension and Relief

For a sample relaxation technique, try this simple exercise:

Tense up the muscles in groups from toe to head, one by one until the entire body is tensed. Hold the tension for a couple of seconds, then let a wave of relaxation run down the body in reverse order from head to toe. Two or three cycles of this wave of tension and relaxation can be done to a rhythm or count of 15. (Be sure to breath during this exercise and don't make it strenuous. The objective IS relaxation.)

In your daily activity, remain conscious of muscle tension and nurture the feeling of relaxation. Ease the "death grip" on the steering wheel. Relax your jaw and stop clinching your teeth. Unfurl your brow... and lighten up! Any good Relaxation Technique is Instrumental in Stress Relief .