Personal Development Toward Higher Potential

Personal Values Development

Personal development can be considered drawing out the possibilities of the personality... making known or visible your essence... expanding our awareness margins, our experience thresholds and thus our horizons.

All this requires putting off the societal straitjacket that stifles the realization of our greater possibilities. Not just in some lateral fashion " I'm a janitor but I'm studying to be an accountant." More like... "now I'm a human caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis... cocooned but developing".

Personal development sheds interference between you and clear contact with the metamorphosing force.

Personal Development And The Power Of Paradigms

Mindsets or paradigms determine the form of our perceptions which, in turn shape our decisions, actions, experiences, social systems, worlds and futures. If we're not aware of the role that paradigms play in our personal development, we then believe we're stuck with the world as it is and ourselves as we are. Shift paradigms and discover potentials within that the old paradigm declared either non-existent or off limits. Challenge paradigms that straitjackets your mental powers and your personal development.

Making available more of ourselves is not simply for the power, though power will increase. And not merely for knowledge. It should be from wanting to come home to the beings you'll really feel at home with... highly developed people and true friends... knowing like attracts like. Those that experience and express love, not as a sentiment but as a cosmic power.

Throughout this site and in our newsletter you'll find methods of activating the very neurons in the brain analogous to the glands in the caterpillar that starts a series of transformations. These methods accelerate the process for those who want it.

If you want personal development of higher human faculties, to change your destiny or to discover your potential... if you feel a sense of dissatisfaction with the way society is going, these paths might interest you.

Love Every Moment

Every situation provides personal development opportunities. A chance to make more of ourselves available. Every moment be an artist... the situation will be the medium. Dance in the medium - sculpt the medium... make it as beautiful and as meaningful as you can. Challenge every moment in a creative handling of your daily life.

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