Journal Writing Techniques

Journal Writing Ideas

Journal writing is a natural activity as you progress through your personal development and growth. You simply want to record these Earth shaking realizations and note the changes that occur to and within you. And there will be many.

Any good scientist or researcher wants to keep notes on experiments tried and their results. Journal writing provides an ongoing reference point for your self improvement.

Journal Basics

Carry a small notebook with you always. Write down thoughts as they occur to you throughout the day. You never know when inspiration might hit. But we can take the "hit and miss" out of the equation by exercising a little discipline.

Make it a habit to record thoughts first thing in the morning. Julia Cameron in "Right to Write" calls these "morning pages" and insists on at least three pages a day. The daily-ness of the effort will quickly begin to produce results. The mind will eventually give up its whining and even look forward to the "mind-dump".

Morning pages will be one of the most invigorating few minutes of your day.

Nocturnal Journal

Nightly recapping of the day is a highly recommended journal writing activity. Take a moment before retiring to bed (or perhaps while lying in bed), to simply note the highlights or low-lights of the day. How you might have handled that disagreement better (or avoided it altogether)? How might you have moved closer to your goals today?

Recall how good you felt when you actually turned off the T.V. in order to add some content to your web site! Revel in your successes as well as think how you might have done something better. Keeping your own counsel this way can be liberating use of journal writing.

Add some mystery to your life by recording your dreams.

You might lose a bit of sleep at first, but to record your dreams as they occur through the night might reveal answers to problems or profitable ideas that your waking mind might miss. A "dream-work" section of your journal will prove more interesting as time goes on and patterns begin to reveal themselves. You might be surprised at what you have stored "in there".

Additional Bonus of Journal Writing: Profit!

Occasionally review the results of your journal writing and look for a progression... coherent growth in the caliber of thought.

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Don't sell yourself short. What might be simple journal writing "babble" to you could be just what someone else needs to complete their own personal journey.

You'd be surprised what people would pay to know... stuff you take for granted.

What does your journal writing hold which could save someone time, pain, shorten their learning curve?

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Happy Journaling!