Increase Web Site Traffic with Search Engine Friendly, Targeted Techniques

To increase web site traffic is the life blood of your web site and online business. This is self improvement applied to your online business.

Here we will concentrate on two reliable methods that work for me personally... "Value" exchange and article writing.

Many affiliate programs simply require you to generate and increase web site traffic to the company site and the visitors are converted into sales and recruits.

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Ways to Increase Web Site Traffic

Pay-per-click search engines offer immediate increase for a price... sometime quite a large price.

Search engine optimization techniques are another way to increase web site traffic but it can be a bit slow. You practically need a mathematics degree and then the search engine "algorithms" are subject to change without notice. All the work (and wait) for nothing.

Over the past few months, "smart pages" have become all the rage. But "tricks" of any kind are usually detected pretty quickly and your web site could be banned. At the very least the "trick" will no longer get you the increase in web site traffic you'd bargained for.

Search Engines are Our Friends!

The "business" of search engines... their "product" is to provide relevant search results to those who search (actually, it's eyeballs for their advertisers, but that's another story). Sounds simple.

But when tricks and under-handed tactics begin to influence those results, a search engine's reputation comes into question. Search engine results that aren't content rich and closely approximate the requests of searchers, they lose revenue.

Of course search engines will do all they can to reduce the number of such "bogus" results (can you blame them?), and if you use these methods to "increase" your web site traffic, you are taking a short sighted route which will do your internet business more harm than good.

Do it right and honest, the search engines will deliver targeted traffic to your web site from now, on. Free.

Value of Credibility!

Link exchange portals have grown in popularity. Various devices you can subscribe to will allow you to "rent" a page full of links to web sites which have also paid to be included, in an attempt to influence the search engines relevancy rankings.

Some time these can be pretty shady and can actually lower your ranking by association.

Still, to increase web site traffic, you need links. Search Engines are using links to help decide how relevant your site is for your most important keywords. But not just any old link will do... the more relevant and higher in value, the better.

Once again, Sitesell to the rescue with Value Exchange.

With Value Exchange, you can link to relevant, quality sites (many of which are SBI web sites) easier than ever before.

However, your site has to be content rich with no tricks hidden up your sleeve. Doing the real work always pays off (in this case with an increase in web site traffic) and will continue to do so.

Two immediate pay-offs of Value Exchange are the traffic from other sites which link to yours, and the boost in search engine rankings, which will drive even more traffic to your site.

Link popularity can be a complicated subject (covered really well in the Site Build It Action Guide. Go to the Value Exchange site to download an excerpt relating to the topic of increasing web site traffic), and it's important to your web site success.

"But won't I lose traffic to these other sites if I post their links on my site?"

Wrong way to look at it. You actually increase the value to your visitors by being a resource where reliable, quality information can be found.

Just one more thing about SiteSell's Value Exchange as a method to increase web site traffic... more like a warning:

Bad sites are removed.

What's a bad site? Sites that have...

*very little content, or low-value content
*too many low-value links (i.e., link farms or banner farms, "free-for-all" links, tons of affiliate links)
*dead sites (i.e., not available)
*sites promoting hate, spam, libel, offensive or illegal activity

You get the picture.

Again, keep your content high quality and everyone wins.

Visit the SiteSell Value Exchange and register your site. It's free!

Increase Web Site Traffic the "Write" Way!

Writing articles is a tried and true way to increase web site traffic.

This method also has other advantages...

* Publishing articles on the web drives traffic of readers

* Increases credibility with readers... you are seen as the "expert" in your field.

* Increases "link popularity" at the search engines because every article will display your "resource box"

* A collection of such articles could be compiled into an e-book or autoresponder training series

* And best of all, this is a way to increase web site traffic absolutely FREE!

The advantages are numerous and the pride you experience as your articles are posted on the web "at large" is gratifying.

Learning how to promote your business and increase web site traffic using articles is easier than you think (accelerating your self improvement in the process).

You don't even have to know how to write!

This amazing manual shows you how to Turn Your Words Into Traffic - And I've negotiated it for Free just for you.

You'll find out how do-able this is as it takes you step by step through the process.

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