A Holosync Review

Meditation Technology for Today

When I discovered Bill Harris’ Centerpointe web site, I wasn’t simply looking to do a Holosync review. I was after a method of deepening meditation without the long periods of development.

Developing systems of higher Spiritual growth was what I was after… as I am still. Systems of memory enhancement, creativity, intuition development and so on were my aim at the time and review of the Holosync system seemed like a powerful step in that direction.

So what did I find?

Claims of speed, effortlessness and quantum leaps in self awareness I found appealing. Once the (potentially) long process of developing deep meditation was conquered, I could go on to weaving the benefits into my everyday life.

Even a review of the Centerpointe Research Institute web site reveals some rather bold comments about their Holosync audio technology. Like: “the most powerful personal growth and mind development tool on Earth...” and “meditate like a Tibetan Monk”.

Take a look for yourself at Holosync Here (don't worry it will open in a new window).

Binaural beats

As a way of stimulating the brain, my Holosync review took me head-on into the concept of binaural beats… a concept I’d read about for years.

Combinations of certain tones at precise frequencies set beneath calming music and environmental sounds constitute the Holosync method. Listened to with headphones these sounds help you experience the brain wave patterns of deep meditation.

But the Centerpointe site explains all this better than I could. What I wish to touch on is the experience.

Revolutionary Results

As someone well practiced in different forms of meditation, I was eager to begin the experiment.

And before the first recommended period of 2 weeks of acclimation were completed, I knew this was something special.

When I first took the Transcendental Meditation initiation, I experienced an immediate expansion. It was almost as if my “psychic sinuses” had suddenly cleared up. But I was only 16 then.

My Holosync experience began well into my 40s and I immediately remembered the first expansion all those years ago.

The TM method began to lose its impact before too long. But 2 years into the Holosync experience and the expansions continue.

The Holosync audio technology also comes with pretty nice bonus material. The technology has been licensed to companies which with have put it to use specifically for enhancing longevity, etc. You also receive some of these with your Holosync purchase.

Problems with Holosync

One caution you’re given when beginning you own Holosync review regards a condition called overwhelm. Rapid changes to your neurology could lead to mood swings and issues of “disposition”, but the Centerpointe support staff is very knowledgeable, always helpful and just a phone call away.

There are ways to counteract these bouts of overwhelm which the Centerpointe literature doesn’t emphasis enough and that is to practice deep relaxation prior to each session.

It seems Bill Harris (a really brilliant guy) wants his audio meditation techniques to be all you ever need but I advise you to bring something to the table when you begin this practice… and thus get the most from it without the overwhelm.

Namely, deep relaxation. You’ll also want to spend a moment accessing the highest conceptual states of which you are capable. You’ll find your own Holosync review as pleasurable and empowering as I have.

Conduct your own Holosync review!

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