Breathing Exercises for Tension

Including Deep Yoga Breathing Exercise

Stress relief techniques find their greatest ally in a good breathing exercise. Stuck energy, held in place by shallow breathing compounds the stresses of life. Shallow breathing suppresses feelings we would rather not experience

Consider how we learn to breath... At birth, if the cord is cut prematurely, we are not given an opportunity to learn breathing in a relaxed and safe environment. Breathing is forced upon us in a do-or-die situation. We learn to breath in a setting of fear and tension.

From our first forced breath at birth, full and free breathing becomes subconsciously equated with pain and fear, so we learn to breath shallowly. All that urgency then gets compacted into our breathing mechanism and literally lives in our body in a suppressed state in the form of blocked or stuck energy... statically held in place by shallow breathing. This particular breathing exercise is another method of developing a communications link between mind and body. It also helps concentration and visualization skills by focusing attention on the energy interplay involved in breathing.

Yoga practitioners claim this particular breathing exercise will help relieve anxieties and break up the "worry cycle" by increasing nerve-energy supply.


1. Lie down face up on a couch, bed, or on the floor with your feet pointing south and your head north, so you're lined up with the Earth's own magnetic field.

2. Put your feet together and place hands, palms up, touching the sides of the body.

3. Take a slow, even, deep breath (through the nose), and visualize warm, golden yellow sun energy being drawn through the top of your head, sweeping through your body, and going out the soles of your feet. Think of this incoming yellow energy as a positive current.

4. As you slowly, and evenly, breathe out, visualize cool, blue moon energy being drawn up through the soles of your feet, sweeping through your body, and going out through the top of your head. Think of this outgoing blue energy as a negative current.

5. For about fifteen minutes, continue to breathe in yellow; out blue. Try to imagine these polarized energies sweeping through the body like an electric current. Let the yellow in breath vibrate through you from head to toe. Let the blue out breath vibrate through you from toe to head. Try to keep breath, visualization, and inner sensing of energies "in synch".

6. Your concentration ability is considered to be intensified when you feel a definite sensation of being "charged up" with an energy current running through your body with each in and out breath.

Blow Your Mind

Breathing deep and slow, filling all your lungs is the natural most powerful way to produce deep regenerating relaxation. Deep slow breathing improves the efficiency in the exchange of carbon-dioxide and oxygen and removal of toxins from the system... also stimulating the lymphatic system and clearing the mind.

Thus breathing is one of the most powerful suggestive devices available to an evolving mind. Responding to stressful situations with a deep breathing exercise opens the situation to new levels of resolution.

These breathing exercises go hand in hand with these stress relief tips.