Behavior Modification in Your Hands

Behavior modification for personal development and growth implies desired and voluntary, intended directions made by the choice of the one being modified.

Education and industrialization have had their own agenda with regard to the behavior of the masses. However, insight into the human condition has trickled down into the minds and hands of the average citizen and now we can choose the nature and direction of our own behavior.

Behavior modification is intimately associated with context. Robot-like behavior might be appropriate when working on an assembly line. But a lot of assembly line jobs have now been automated. "Real" robots perform these functions now. But the behaviors linger in the people of modern society with preprogrammed buttons to be pressed by commercials, music videos and other mass media.

Behavior modification today has to do with auto suggestion or self programming, using the same elements that society has used on the masses for years. Only now we take the controls.

Elements of Behavior Modification

Forming messages that seep past our mental defenses; using rhythm, repetition and emotion. Verbal affirmations that appeal to our intellect; regular timing of repetition and rhythmic presentation of material will resonate with our pattern recognizing right brain; enthusiastic excitement and joy... sheer love of what we are doing (or propose to do) entrains the emotional mid brain and full tactile visualization (using every sensory element in our imaginations) puts us in touch with the brain stem and the primitive limbic system.

I believe as Robert Anton Wilson and Tim Leary that higher behavioral "circuits have been appearing (partially and in rare mutants) for a few thousand years... because the DNA blueprint is gradually modifying us for future evolution".

A willingness to release the old and familiar behaviors is also essential. Lingering in a space of uncertainty, resisting the urge to revert to old behavior is a necessary prelude to establishing new ones. Behavior modification thus becomes an Higher Self Improvement Pursuit.

Behavior Modification in an Important part of Personal Development and Growth