Autogenic Techniques

Autogenics Training Lesson 4

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In this exercise, you will practice better control over the rhythm of your breathing. Rhythmic breathing is at the heart of super abilities.

Rhythmic breathing leads to better brain oxidation and leads to better learning. After all, the brain is said to need three times as much oxygen to function properly as the body does, especially while a person is working in a sitting position (as he sits at his computer to write this lesson).

We seldom give breathing much conscious attention, yet we breathe about five thousand gallons (thirty-five pounds) of air every day, about six times our food and drink consumption. Obviously, breath is life.

Now if, instead of breathing haphazardly, you breath to a regular beat (at least a few times a day), your mind sharpens automatically.

Yogi Ramacharaka reveals in The Science of Breath that "by rhythmical breathing one may bring himself into harmonious vibration with nature, and aid in the unfoldment of his latent powers." It's as if your whole body catches the vibration and harmonizes with the will. By getting yourself in synch, you have more power, mentally and otherwise.

Let's get to it...

Fourth Exercise -- Breathing

Do the Warm-up. Then begin the following routine which incorporates all your previous work and adds command of your breathing as well:

My arms and legs are getting / limp and heavy and warm 1-2 times

My arms and legs are getting / heavier and warmer 1-2 times

My arms and legs are / completely heavy and warm 1-2 times

My heartbeat is / calm and steady 1-2 times

I feel / supremely calm 1-2 times

My breathing is / supremely calm 6-8 times

I feel / supremely calm 1 time

Practice this routine two or three times a day for two weeks. It is considered successfully mastered when you are able to breathe calmly and rhythmically at your own command after light physical activity of some sort of nervous stimulation.

Instead of saying the usual, "I feel supremely calm", at the end of this exercise, Dr. Schultz preferred, "It breaths me".

By this time you will probably have begun to notice some pleasant and surprising effects from your practice. But continue on to further refine your sense of bodily command.

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