Autogenic Relaxation

Autogenics Training Lesson 5

Let's get right into the lesson, shall we?

Fifth Exercise -- Stomach

Your are learning to arouse a pleasant feeling of warmth in your solar plexus (the stomach above the waist, below the ribs).

Do the warm-up. Repeat in short form the heavy / warm formula, the heart and breathing formula. Then:

My stomach is getting / soft and warm 6-8 times

I feel / supremely calm 1 time

If you wish, you can rest your right palm on your solar plexus during the exercise. Gradually you will experience a clear feeling of warmth.

Instead of the above formula some people prefer to say, "My solar plexus radiates warmth." If you find this easier to imagine and visualize, use it.

Do this for seven to ten minutes, two or three times a day for two weeks. The exercise is considered mastered when you feel a definite warmth.

Could this be the proverbial "fire in the belly"?

Never mind. Just me metaphor-izing again.

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Along with the main program, you receive several environmental audios (tapes or CDs) that seem to have been made for Autogenics training. These can really enhance your experience.

In short, I find it works great and really helps to find a higher state of relaxation. Give it a try.


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