Autogenic Relaxation Techniques

Autogenics Training Lesson 6

We've come a long way together on this road of dynamic relaxation and autogenic relaxation techniques. Let's keep it going...

Sixth Exercise -- Cool Forehead

You are learning to experience a feeling of coolness on your forehead. Warm-up. As usual repeat in short form the formula for heaviness, warmth, heart, breathing, and stomach. Then:

My forehead is / cool 6-8 times

I feel / supremely calm 1 time

Imagine afresh breeze cooling your forehead and temples. If necessary to catch the feeling, between sessions, stand in front of an air conditioner of fan, saying aloud, my forehead is cool.

When you repeatedly experience a definite coolness the exercise is considered completed.

Do this two or three times a day for seven to ten minutes for fourteen days.

Don't leap out of a session.

Open your eyes and begin to move gradually. Stretch, flex your joints, throw off heaviness and get active.

Ever hear of keeping a "cool head"? I'd say this exercise addresses that directly.

The autogenic component of Performance Hypnosis is a very valuable intervention for performance anxiety.

Autogenics is the ability of the mind to physiologically change how the body is responding. It can help to slow the heart rate and promote deep breathing. It can help the muscles in the body be more relaxed, which often leads to better skill execution.

When the athlete (or performer... and we are all performers to one extent or another) knows s/he can break the anxiety cycle then s/he can use the energy of the anxiety in a more focused way. S/He can adjust the arousal level for a higher level of performance.

That is exactly what autogenics is designed to do... actualize our potential for higher level performance in all areas of our lives.

That's it! You've come to last exercise of the autogenics course.



To achieve a goal you've set out to accomplish and complete it is cause for celebration.

Treat yourself (at least to a few hearty pats on the back).

A marked change in you has begun, though you may not fully realize it yet. You will never be exactly the same after completion of the Autogenics training course.

From sports performance to inter-dimensional adventuring, you now have a head start and foundation which will carry you through to your hearts' desire.

You may come to think that you have "done it". But you will find that certain memories of the practice will abide with you, and that echoes of its power will ring in the ears of your mind, body and Spirit. You will find that it is now your body and mind's turn to do you... for the better.

To recap:

Repeat all formulas verbatim, but NOT automatically. Say them carefully with intention and emotion so that each sinks down into your consciousness.

Combine the suggestions with imagination.

The heavy / warm formulas often produce a deeply pleasant drowsy state, which shows they are well mastered. However, you do not want to go to sleep. If you do, learn from the experience. Perhaps you should exercise sitting up. Perhaps you've let your mind and / or imagination wander off.

The aim of autogenics is relaxed awareness, and your consciousness should become more acute as tensions release.

Imagine yourself retaining a center of awareness during sessions. If sleeping is a real problem, suggest to yourself, "My body may sleep, but my consciousness remains alert and aware".

You have already been saying what is in effect your final formula:

My arms and legs are heavy and warm

My heartbeat and breathing are calm and steady

My stomach is soft and warm, my forehead cool

I feel supremely calm<./p>

Eventually most people using only one or two repeats can achieve the pleasant, self-possessed autogenic state.

The state will strengthen as you regularly use the technique whenever you need to relax and be at your best.


The maintenance dosage is practice twice a day for five minutes.

When the skill is well mastered, people often find they can simply say: "Arms and legs heavy, warm; heart and breathing calm, steady; stomach warm, forehead cool, calm" and switch into the autogenic state.

With these six simple exercises, you have mastered basic autogenics.

If you're like most people, you've long since begun feeling its effects. Teachers of this method have reported that in their classes, it was common place for people to experience relief of various complaints well before the end of the program.

As body and mind come into closer communion, not just old physical tensions but psychological cramps and crystallizations seem to dissolve as well.

People typically feel a gain in self-confidence, a decrease in fears and worries, etc.

You now have the means to bring yourself into equilibrium whenever the need arises.

Now that you have the skill, you no longer need to spend much time on training formulas when you practice. You can make the most of what are called.

Autogenic ability is like good fertile earth. It potentizes any seed you may want to plant. Resolution formulas are tailor-made affirmations to help strengthen yourself in one department or another.

The simplicity of the practice belies its strength. This is the kind of exercise that can turn a sweaty-palmed stutterer into an eloquent speaker.

If you have not yet taken a look at Holo - Sync Audio Technology, I implore you to do so now - it really will help.

Keep up the maintenance and enjoy the new relaxed you.


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