Autogenic Meditation

Autogenics Training Lesson 3

This autogenic meditation lesson we'll keep short and sweet. It centers on the heart (get it? Sweet heart? ... never mind).

Seriously though, by the time you get to this exercise, you've proven to yourself that you can stay with a technique which holds more promise than you know. You've also begun to open channels of communication between your conscious and "other-than-conscious" mind.

Harmony and rapport between the conscious and "other-than-conscious" mind (we may as well refer to this as the Super-conscious, in that it is actually more aware [and aware of more] than our familiar conscious minds) creates conditions for the astounding mental feats spoken of throughout history.

Being Superconscious, this part of us is also pre-conscious and hence makes use of images, feelings and intuitions to convey insight.

This part of us also "stores" those emotions we have stuffed all our life by refusal to "deal" with them at the time. These emotions don't go away. In fact they exert an influence on us to this day. However, their "mission" has always been a protective one. And even though our experience of these "repressed" aspects are often termed "negative" by the established psychotherapeutic community, these same aspects are to be embraced.

Enhancing communication channels between brain hemispheres as autogenics does tends to bring these aspects out of hiding.

Welcome these long forgotten (or sometimes annoyingly familiar) aspects of ourselves as the friends and protectors they are. One by one as they arise, love them. They wont cause you to react while you're aware of, and observing them. Re-assign them to tasks more conducive to our modern needs and lifestyles. They'll love you for it. Such an approach may begin to give us a different perspective of stress.

We may discover that "stress" isn't any "thing" at all. Maybe it's just a descriptive term that our culture uses to normalize unconscious anger, a lack of forgiveness, a desperate clinging to a vain identity, and an absence of a spiritual life. Maybe "stress" is just a convenient myth to shift responsibility for life away from ourselves and onto something so vague that everyone can love to hate it.

But let me stop pontificating and get on with the lesson... what do you say? (Never mind;-)

Third Exercise -- A Calm Heart

You are learning to have a calm, steady heartbeat.

Warm-up. Repeat in short form the heavy / warm formula, reciting each phrase three or four times.

In the beginning at least, do this exercise lying on your back. Mentally feel for your heartbeat. Sense it in your chest, throat, or wherever. (If you're subject to headaches don't feel for it in your head.)

You may prefer to rest your right hand on the pulse point of your left wrist or even on your chest. Usually, in a relaxed state, you can feel the beat.

Repeat silently...

My chest feels / warm and pleasant 6-8 times

My heartbeat is / calm and steady 6-8 times

I feel / supremely calm 6-8 times

Do this exercise two or three times a day for seven to ten minutes for two weeks. A very, few people find this exercise either eludes them or puts them off. If this happens after some trying, go on to the next.

To help with the 'calming' process consider Holo-Sync Audio Technology which I find indispensable and use all the time.

That's all for this session.


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