Anger Management Activities

While anger is a natural and instinctive emotion, mismanagement of anger can lead to health problems as well as legal problems. If your anger is getting beyond your control and threatening relationships with family, friends, or even strangers, it is time for you to take an active role in learning to control your anger. While anger should not be repressed, which can also result in health problems, anger should be dealt with in a calm and constructive manner.

With the fast pace of the world we live in, anger caused by stress has become one of the leading issues of the day. There are many programs available that help people learn to cope with stress and learn to deal with anger in a constructive way rather than a destructive way. Many of these programs use activities and games that teach anger management techniques as well as problem solving techniques. The activities and games are also designed to build self-esteem and confidence.

Anger Management Group Activity

Many of the free anger management activities are designed for group therapy. For instance, one such game is called "Out of Control" and is designed for a group of 4-15 people. The objective of the game is to help people realize that they are not in control of everything that happens in their lives and that they need to learn how to deal with things that are beyond their control instead of giving in to frustration and anger. The activity is designed for people who are easily frustrated or angered when things don't go in their favor.

To play the game, you need enough small, wrapped prizes for each person in the group (plus a few extras) and a pair of dice. There are two parts to the game:

Part One - In the first part, each person rolls the dice. If doubles are rolled, that person selects a prize from the pile, unwraps it, and places it on the table in front of him/her for everyone to see. If the person does not roll a double, he/she does not get a prize. The game continues in this manner until all prizes are opened - since each person gets more than one roll, some people end up with several prizes while others end up with none.

Part Two - The second part of the game is played the same way with the exception that it is timed. For the allotted time, each person takes a turn rolling the dice. Each person who rolls a double then chooses a prize from someone else. Again, some people may end up with more prizes than others and some may even end up with no prize at all.

"Out of Control" is designed to help people learn to control their anger even if the roll of the dice is not in their favor - and even if he/she ends up without a prize. Once the game has ended, the group can participate in a discussion to discuss things such as "What do you do when "the luck of the roll" is not always in your favor?" " Do you feel like you have control over your life?" "Has playing this game made anyone feel angry?" "If so, how are you handling this feeling?"

Activities such as the game mentioned here have been successful because all of the people involved are struggling with the same thing - anger management. These sorts of activities gives them an outlet for discussing their feelings and finding solutions together.

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